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Everyone Can Benefit 

At Remarkable Foods, LLC, we extend our expertise beyond school foodservice programs to offer comprehensive support for other dining establishments, including (chain) restaurants, workplace dining and more!

We help elevate your dining experience, ensuring patrons receive top-quality meals and exceptional service. Whether you want to streamline kitchen operations, easily manage assets, or seamlessly train staff year-round, our team is dedicated to helping your business thrive in the competitive foodservice landscape.

Discover how Remarkable Foods, LLC can transform your operation into a hub of culinary excellence with superior customer satisfaction. Don't see a service below that you want, reach out to us anytime to get the conversation started.

Remarkable Foodservice Training

School Your Food Crew

The secret is out! Training programs have become invaluable for employers and team members, offering many benefits, such as reduced turnover, increased safety, and improved communication. However, the challenge lies in allocating time, budget, personnel, and resources to provide the necessary training for an efficient operating team. Until now! Invest in your team with our powerful and cost-effective training solution. Unlock a world of benefits:

  • heck (3) User-friendly design to streamline the creative process.
  • heck (3) A diverse range of tools for drawing, editing, and enhancing visuals.
  • heck (3) Access to a broad spectrum of colors and the ability to create custom palettes.
  • heck (3) Capability to create designs optimized for various platforms and devices.
Chef Cutting
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Asset Management & Planning:

It starts with adding asset tags to existing equipment. Then, all equipment information is transitioned into the system for easy monitoring and reporting of equipment downtime. For example, if an oven has been down for six months in the past year, the information is easily available to decide whether to keep repairing or replacing it.
  • heck (3) Manufacturer model and serial number with accompanying asset tag number
  • heck (3) Location of equipment
  • heck (3) Warranty expiration date
  • heck (3) Spec sheets and manuals
  • heck (3) Purchase info-Supplier and price
  • heck (3) Upload repair records and costs
  • heck (3) Preventative maintenance schedule
  • heck (3) Optional- Monitor cooler and freezer temperatures. Receive a notification when there's an issue.
  • heck (3) Optional- Managers and Service technicians are informed by email in the event of any malfunction.