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Remarkable Academic Foodservice Training

School Your Food Crew

The secret is out! Training programs have become invaluable for employers and team members, offering many benefits, such as reduced turnover, increased safety, and improved communication. However, the challenge lies in allocating time, budget, personnel, and resources to provide the necessary training for an efficient operating team. Until now! Invest in your team with our powerful and cost-effective training solution. Unlock a world of benefits:

  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Get teams job-ready fast with 360° training on safety, food preparation, cleaning procedures, technology usage, and equipment handling.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Options to integrate with your Learning Management System or use independently.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Stream easy-to-access training on any device, including by QR code.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Teach essential skills in 5- minute-or-less videos.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Track progress & verify course completion.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Multi-lingual friendly.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Easily use our content, create your own, or ask us to produce for you!
Chef Cutting

Design & Equipment Advisory

From devising equipment replacement strategies to c-stores and extensive renovations, our engagements entail collaborating with a diverse range of experts to establish the optimal approach for your new project. This encompasses liaising with foodservice operators, administrators, facility management staff, architects, and engineers. Each decision influences the next; safeguard your project's investment by ensuring optimal decisions are made from inception to completion.

Design Service Image (3) (1)
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Guidance on solutions for updating, adding, or expanding kitchen operations, even in areas with limited ventilation options.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Align programmatic changes and budget forecasting with a 3 to 5-year equipment plan for long-term success.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn An independent consultant without manufacturer commissions or rebates strengthens unbiased recommendations on all equipment brands, ensuring the best choices for your needs.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Streamlined communication with facilities leadership to affirm effective after-purchase support for repairs and maintenance.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Incorporating an experienced culinarian with design and equipment knowledge into the renovation team enhances productivity and elevates service excellence.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Offering asset management system to track and report equipment issues across multiple locations efficiently.

Strategy Solutions Leadership

Tailored guidance and unwavering support for projects of all sizes within your academic food service program. Whether it's mapping out short-term objectives or envisioning long-term goals. And the result? A well-rounded dining experience across all locations– aligning seamlessly with your institution's values, fostering the well-being of students and staff, and creating a thriving campus community.

Master Planning (4)

Your school deserves nothing less than a customized approach steeped in our solid culinary management background. That's why we prioritize strategies that boost participation and sustain that newfound excitement amongst students, staff and parents alike.  It's time to elevate your dining experience and create lasting memories together.

  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn A fresh perspective to strategically boost meal participation and operational efficiency.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Adopt a systematic approach to bring your program to the next level using our assessments and tools to drive lasting improvements.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Implement breakthrough initiatives that matter most, including refreshed food offerings, student engagement, marketing and communications, addressing food insecurity, sustainability, training, and financial management.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Enable on-site leaders to prioritize daily operations with fractional leadership to implement new strategies.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn If needed, facilitate a successful Request for Proposal (RFP) for operator selection, ensuring your institution's needs are protected, your food program is strengthened, and smoother onboarding for new contractors.