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The Academic Foodservice Suite is a unique service hybrid that blends traditional consulting with the strategic use of technology. This long-term solution offers advantages for both self-operated and contract-managed foodservice programs. Experience streamlined operations and heightened student satisfaction, and watch your program soar to new heights seamlessly. Make decisions confidently through informed discussions backed by robust data insights.

  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Quickly gain real-time student feedback from multiple touch points to measure satisfaction and provide quick resolutions.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Monitor what matters most to you: service, food, guest experience, safety, contract compliance, etc.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Seamless collection from assessments and guest feedback.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Simplified reports and dashboards that reduce analyzing time, allowing for more proactive oversight and strategy development in addition to our professional guidance.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Provide peace of mind with expert third-party conducted audits.
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Strategic Planning

Tailored guidance and unwavering support for projects of all sizes within your academic food service program. Whether it's mapping out short-term objectives or envisioning long-term goals. And the result? A well-rounded dining experience across all locations– aligning seamlessly with your institution's values, fostering the well-being of students and staff, and creating a thriving campus community.

Master Planning (4)

Your school deserves nothing less than a customized approach steeped in our solid culinary management background. That's why we prioritize strategies that boost participation and sustain that newfound excitement amongst students, staff and parents alike.  It's time to elevate your dining experience and create lasting memories together.

  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Make confident decisions based on comprehensive reports with recommendations on current operations, program offerings, in-depth student feedback, equipment, and facilities.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Increase meal participation and operational efficiency simultaneously with a roadmap to newfound success.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Breakthrough initiatives that matter most, including sustainability, safety, satisfaction benchmarks, and engagement.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Shift from reactive to proactive management of your program.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Enable on-site management to prioritize daily operations by utilizing Fractional VP support for projects.

Design & Equipment Advisory

From devising equipment replacement strategies to c-stores and extensive renovations, our engagements entail collaborating with a diverse range of experts to establish the optimal approach for your new project. This encompasses liaising with foodservice operators, administrators, facility management staff, architects, and engineers. Each decision influences the next; safeguard your project's investment by ensuring optimal decisions are made from inception to completion.

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  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Pre-design assessments offer enhanced clarity in supporting decisions throughout the equipment and design decision-making process.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Boost productivity and service excellence by adding an experienced culinarian who understands design principles to the project team.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Protect short and long-term investments with aligned programmatic changes.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Leverage expertise in menu development, execution, and presentation for the best layout, equipment, and smallware recommendations.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Elevate the experience for your team members to better position yourself as the employer of choice.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Achieve streamlined design and procurement with our strategic partners, including immersive 3D designs, custom millwork, countertops, and fabrication.
Training Service Image (1) (1)
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Microlearning videos of 5 minutes or less are available anytime, anywhere, including unique QR codes.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Create memorable first impressions for new team members with a well-thought-out onboarding that prepares them for success.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Obtain consistent 360° operational training, including onboarding, safety, basic and advanced culinary, position-specific, and equipment usage, with a dedicated training support specialist to aid with custom training content.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Reduce turnover with staff that value upskilling and career development.
  • Checkmark Icon Lt Grn Provide leadership the flexibility to reallocate their time to other priorities with this solution that empowers new and existing team members with crucial knowledge.

Personnel Training

The secret is out! Training programs have become invaluable for employers and team members, offering many benefits, such as reduced turnover, increased safety, and improved communication. However, the challenge lies in allocating time, budget, personnel, and resources to provide the necessary training for an efficient operating team. Until now! Invest in your team with our powerful and cost-effective training solution. Unlock a world of benefits:

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